Energy Rated Windows

Energy saving and environmental issues concern us all. WindowPlan’s range of energy efficient windows, which are energy rated under the Window Energy Rated scheme, can save you money, make your home warmer and reduce your carbon footprint. The Window Energy Rated scheme is controlled by an independent body, the British Fenestration Ratings Council (BFRC).

Under the Window Energy Rated scheme, energy efficient windows are energy rated using a letter from A to G, where A rated is the best.

WindowPlan offers A rated windows which use special low-emissions glass units to allow more heat into your home and less heat out. These green windows not only save you money, but also help eliminate draughts and make your home feel warmer in the winter months.

Sunlight is allowed in through the special glass of our energy windows, making your home warmer. Meanwhile special glass reflects warmth back into the room so it can’t escape.

The glass units are also constructed using high-tech insulating materials that stop heat lost by conduction. This makes the unit warmer to the touch than older double-glazing and reduces draughts and condensation.

Energy Savings Trust

Our energy rated windows are also endorsed by the Energy Savings Trust, which is the consumer organisation dedicated to saving energy in the home.

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