Liniar Chamfered Window System

The Liniar Chamfered system from WindowPlan is the perfect complement to the modern home. These uPVC windows have a chamfered (bevelled) design outside and can have either a chamfered or rounded sculptured design internally. This gives a sharp, clean look, but one which can be softened inside your living space.

With the right energy saving glass, the 70mm Liniar uPVC windows are available as energy rated windows under the BFRC energy ratings scheme, As standard, uPVC windows in the 70mm range come with:

  • Internally beaded frames (so burglars cannot remove the glass from the outside)
  • Chamfered (bevelled) or sculptured (rounded) internal beads
  • A choice of white or woodgrain finishes
  • A choice of handle colours
  • Black low sightline gaskets

Unique Slimline Sash

The sashes (opening parts) of WindowPlan 70mm uPVC windows use a special slim sash profile which is exclusive to our manufacturer, the Whiteline Group. Windows with the slimline sash have a more elegant appearance as less profile material is used, and have a larger glass area, giving you more daylight in your home. This has the added benefit of improving solar warming which can save you money on you winter heating bills.

To see the superior Liniar 70mm system for yourself, come and talk to one of WindowPlan’s experts. Contact WindowPlan by telephone on 01634 711 119.

Options include:

  • High security shootbolt locking, providing five locking points between opening windows and the frame
  • Hinge bolts, which prevent opening windows from being levered from the frame on the hinge side

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