Introduction to Liniar Windows

Launched in March 2008, Liniar is the innovative window system from HL Plastics. Although Liniar is a new window system it has already grown to become one of the leading window systems companies, due to the team of highly experienced specialists at Liniar to develop and supply an innovative window system.

The result is a window system for the challenges of today, with unique benefits to include:

  • 100% lead free – it’s green by design and meets legislation ahead of time.
  • 100% Calcium Zinc free – totally recyclable.
  • Pre-gasketed system with a double action bubble gasket to ensure longer lifetime of the product.
  • High gloss finish making the windows and doors easy to clean and more attractive for years to come.
  • Achieve an ‘A’ rating at a fraction of the cost of other profiles due to the innovative design of the profile.
  • All our profiles are extruded in Britain

Slimline - Letting in more light

WindowPlan uPVC windows have a unique ‘Slimline Sash’ extruded by Liniar and manufactured exclusively by the Whiteline Group in the UK. This means that opening windows use less frame material and have a greater glass area, letting in more daylight which helps keep your home warmer while giving you a better view out.

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