Obscure and Stained Glass Windows

WindowPlan Rochester can provide a wide range of double glazed glass units with patterned glass or stained glass to provide privacy or decoration.

Obscure Glass (Patterned Glass)

A number of obscure glass patterns are available to suit your personal taste, and the desired level of privacy. Floral patterned glass and geometric patterned glass can be supplied by WindowPlan, in addition to ‘satin’ units, with a sand-blasted appearance, for a more modern look.

Stained Glass

WindowPlan double glazed replacements and doors can be supplied with a huge variety of stained glass patterns. Standard glass can replicate the look of traditional fanlights and doors, or provide an elegant additional feature on a modern building. Choose from a wide range of standard patterns, suitable for most applications, or a facsimile of an original stained window designed especially for you.

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